Among the key objectives of our Company are to create a fun, rewarding, and respectful workplace in which we continue to improve the way we serve our customers. Just one of the means we communicate our vision of how might achieve these goals, and how we would like to operate our restaurants is through the “4 Daily Tasks.” We ask each employee to also embrace these objectives and join each day to work towards accomplishing these things.

1. Compliment Someone For Something Specific They Did Especially Well.

Our constant desire to improve drive us to continually talk about the things of which we would like to improve. To help us also continue to provide a positive work experience and create a fun and respectful place to work, we would also like to be sure we talk each day about the things we do well.

2. Strive To Impress Every Customer, Dazzle One!

Of course we want to impress each and every customer. To help our jobs become even more rewarding, and to help us make more friends, we urge each employee to search each day for a way in which we can make one customer's experience very special and memerable.

3. Clean Something No One Else Noticed.

Among the founding principles that McDonald's was built upon, is our relent pursuit of maintaining facilities are are remarkably clean. Asking each employee to constantly strive to look for items not previously noticed, helps us maintain those same standards of cleanliness today.

4. Improve Tomorrow, Today.

In support of our constant desire to "Be the Best", and for continuous improvement, each day we like to plan and take action in order to help our customers' experiences the following day to be even better.